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Psychology in the News

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Psychology in the News Introduction It might sound absurd when you are informed about the inability of an individual to communicate their emotions. Stacey Colino in her article; When You Can’t Put Your Feelings into Words: The Emotional Ignorance of Alexithymia published on 28th March 2018 writes about this condition. The US News website contains her article. Stacey Colino brings to our attention a personality trait that many commonly…

The New Asylums |FRONTLINE|

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Student’s Name:Professor’s Name: Course Number: Date: Encounter with Mentally Ill Prisoners In Frontline’s “the new asylums” episode, the documentary focuses on the question of the increased number of the mentally ill in prisons rather than the psychiatric hospitals (“The New Asylums” 00:4:58-00:05:18). The film provides the scenario of the circumstances in Ohio. The decreased amount of the psychiatric hospitals in America has probably led to roaming the streets by the individuals affected by mental disorders.…

feed back on:Over-involved parent

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Over-involved Parents Student's Name Institution Over-involvement of Parents in Children and Adolescent Counseling Counseling for children and adolescents is not an easy process that requires experienced professionals because children may not be able to speak clearly and express their feelings. It is the same thing with adolescents whose stage involves a lot of patience and observing the particular person to understand their behavior and whatever difficulties are involved in the process. No matter how much…

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