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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date “A Rose for Emily” “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner is mainly about Emily, a woman who hailed from a famous Southern aristocracy but which starts to lose its significance after the Civil War. Emily lived with her father who had made it difficult for her to marry until his death. Her life and behavior completely change after his death continued to live with her father who prevented…

Jail and Prison Comparison

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Jail and Prison Comparison Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Jail and Prison Comparison During the early days' justice was being served using the Code of Hammurabi, created about 1780 B.C. This code was the ancient Hebrew law, as “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” (Stohr and Walsh, 2017). This promoted vengeance as a way of correcting wrongdoing. Vengeance was deemed not to be just, and with time a school of penology known…

Business Plan

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Business plan Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Introduction In the world of business today, many business ideas get to be executed due to the creativity, invention, and innovativeness of entrepreneurs. The competitiveness nature of the market has encouraged business owners to think out of the box given that new services and products of better quality get invented and introduced into the market as supported by Solomon et al., (2009). The world is continuously developing economically and…

“The Slanted Screen” Reflection Student Name Institution Women have for long been exploited on the basis of their gender and sex. They have been seen as inferior, weak and without the capability to run things by themselves. This has made them subordinate to their male counterparts who may include colleagues, spouses or male siblings. As per the social construction theory, gender is a part of the structure, process, and stratification. It is the stratification of…

Simulation/Statistical Analysis

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Name of Student Name of Instructor Course Code Date of Submission Statistical Analysis Relative Importance Index  Table SEQ Table * ARABIC 1: Relative Importance Index determination Assumed Factors Generally for Projects Respondent 1: Time (mo's) Respondent 2: Mng't (Rating) Respondent 3: Skill level Respondent 4: Speed of task AVG RATING Range Design and drafting (includes, project definition phase) 4 2 5 4 3.75 3 Mistakes and discrepancies in design documents 4 2 5 4 3.75 3…


Words: 1375
Pages: 5

Serial Killing Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Serial killing Serial killing is not a new phenomenon in the history of human life and has received considerable interest especially in the last century from both the media and the public. In spite of the increased level of attention, there is little information and understanding concerning serial killers and academia has offered few theoretical explanations. In particular, description of this crime, its evaluation as well as the applicable…


Words: 275
Pages: 1

Name Professor Course Date Vocabulary Log Polemic Pg. 15 Definition: A strong written or verbal attack directed at something. Contextual quote: “it is polemic; it is opinion.” Personal application: I gave my bully a lengthy polemic until he left me alone. Futuristic Pg. 21 Definition: having modern technology Contextual quote: “The huge wall-screen televisions were as futuristic and implausible.” Personal application: the award-winning design was futuristic Implausible Pg. 21 Definition; failing to convince, seeming not…

Negotiation with a stranger

Words: 2200
Pages: 8

Negotiations Student name Institutions Date Abstract page In the society today, there are a lot of social injustices and the only solution is to face them with a lot of courage. However, using authorities like the court and the police is not the only solution. Sometimes we need to negotiate, identify where the problem is and try to find a solution. Negotiation usually involves two conflicting parties. A negotiator is a neutral person who has…

THE LEGACY OF ENSLAVEMENT OF AFRICANS by Name Course Details Professor’s Name University City, State Date Slavery thrived in many parts of the world in the 18th and 19th centuries, and it manifested as the inhumane treatment of the slaves of African descent. The war against slavery was won on June 22, 1865 (Foner, 1991) or so it is believed. Over the years there have been increasing doubts about whether or not slavery did end…


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CARBON EMISSIONS Table of Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u Table Of Figures PAGEREF _Toc511891472 h 4Abstract PAGEREF _Toc511891473 h 5I.Background Information PAGEREF _Toc511891474 h 6a.Population (current status and trend) PAGEREF _Toc511891475 h 6b.Economy (current status and trend) PAGEREF _Toc511891476 h 6c.Carbon emissions, carbon intensity PAGEREF _Toc511891477 h 6d.Current energy use, resources, and flow PAGEREF _Toc511891478 h 7e.Environmental concerns and risks PAGEREF _Toc511891479 h 7II.Power Systems PAGEREF _Toc511891480 h 8a.Current status, including energy mix…

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