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Toyota Company SWOT Analysis

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Toyota Company was incorporated nearly a decade ago rising to become the largest manufacturer of automobiles to date. The company has grown significantly over the years, and this is evident from the fact that they have managed to open up more than six hundred subsidiary companies across the globe to date with its headquarters based in Japan. The company has retained their competitiveness over the years through incorporating advanced technical and economic superiority tactics to…

Introduction The introduction of this paper will cover synopsis and discussion of the two works this paper sets to compare and contrast, that is, “An open letter to my C.E.O” by Talia Jane and “A guerilla gardener in south central la” by Ron Finley. After that, the paper shall synthesize the similar/different viewpoints each of the two have in the way they look at work/job. Finally, the article shall conclude with my point of view…

How Families Have Contributed to Americans Problems In spite of the fact that America has over the years been recognized for having established strong institutions which have led to its development across the globe, there are numerous predominant challenges which its citizens are still grappling with to date. These issues have resulted in stunted growth especially when they oblige the security of the superpower nation. Most of the issues foreseen are directly or indirectly linked…

Discussion Questions

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Discussion Questions Chapter 4 Explain how brand communication works in the case of the “Hard to explain, easy to experience” campaign. Brand communication refers to the combination of activities that can influence the client's opinion about a company and its products. Brand communication works in this case because it enables the firm research and identifies the appropriate audience for the products and services. The brand communication of the company has several components such as identification…

Transformational leadership

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Transformational leadership. The leadership style I will apply here is transformational leadership style. The transformational leadership entails initiating change in any organization, groups or to other people. In the prison setting, the prisoners need to be transformed from their previous behaviours. The basic characteristics of transformational leadership are inspiring people to find a way of achieving the goals set in life and mobilize them too. This is because the leaders can easily mobile other people…


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Advertising The industry of advertising is on the verge of changes – these changes ascribed to the changes in media, technology, social and economic environment. By definition, advertising is a form of paid persuasive communication. This form of communication uses different mass and media to reach as many people as possible in efforts to connect the identified sponsors with the buyers. Generally, the basic reasons for advertising are providing information about products goods and services…

powerpoint review

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Students’ Name Professors’ Name Power Point Review Date Digital computer The goal of developing a digital machine was to carry out instructions through running of various programs. Some of the instructions that run on digital computer involved the addition of numbers, copying data in memory locations, and checking for zero value numbers among others. In a multilevel machine, programs become interpreted differently depending on the level. An electronic circuit seeks to interpret an application running…

Weekly Activity Report

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Week of March 19th through March 23rd, 2018(40 hours): Monday, March 19th: Being the first day of my Week 2, I was able to analyze some of the company’s rules and regulations, goals and the mission and vision statement just to understand the company better. I was able to realize that the company’s mission statement advocated for making opportunities available for education and networking to encourage the code of ethics for practices that were fair…

Suffragette Poster Propaganda

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Pages: 7

Introduction. Suffragettes were members’ women groups in late 1800s and early 1900s which backed the extension of suffrage to women. In particular, it relates to the militants groups in the UK who championed for this right in a violent manner. Historically, this started long time ago. In fact, some people view its origin as back to creation times. Women victimization and gender inequality can be traced long time ago. They were limited to home chores…

STEM report

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Pages: 9

Introduction. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) has shown significant significance in the growing needs of the world to adopt technology and in the acquisition of technical knowledge in aid of different areas of occupations. Most companies are dealing with technology or require individuals with sufficient expertise in technology have always preferred students from STEM since it offer quality skills among the students. STEM workers have been of benefits to most companies and manufacturing industries…

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