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Part 1 The definition of Socket. The Difference between the Socket Object and the Server Socket Object. The socket is described as the end point in the communication flow when the network programs run. The socket is created and used with different sets of programming calls known as the programming interface. The socket objects are the EBL objects that represent the TCP socket. The TCP sockets are defined as the communication endpoints of communication. The…

Negotiation with a stranger

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Pages: 8

Negotiations Student name Institutions Date Abstract page In the society today, there are a lot of social injustices and the only solution is to face them with a lot of courage. However, using authorities like the court and the police is not the only solution. Sometimes we need to negotiate, identify where the problem is and try to find a solution. Negotiation usually involves two conflicting parties. A negotiator is a neutral person who has…

Reflective Account

Words: 550
Pages: 2

REFLECTIVE ACCOUNT Considering your learning in this unit or drawing on your own experience, provide a reflective account in relation to the following: It is envisaged that the REFLECTIVE ACCOUNT would have an estimated word count of 500-750 words, equivalent to 2-3 pages. The current word count of this document is around 230 words which means that your final submission should have at least 830 words. Explain ways to maintain a safe and supportive learning…

Digital media

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Media and Communications Portfolio Class Instructor Institution Date MEDIA AND COMMUNICATIONS PORTFOLIO Overview of an Organization An example of an organization that recruits digital media practitioners is the Wall Street Journal. Founded in the late 19th century, the Wall Street Journal has grown in reputation for its coverage on various subjects. The organization's primary segment in on business although the editorial pages cover opinions on other issues such as economic and political news and views.…

Policy Memo

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Policy Memo: Mental Health Status of Undocumented Hispanic Immigrants in Texas Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Mental Health Status of Undocumented Hispanic Immigrants in Texas Executive Summary TO:Recipient’s Name Department of State Health Services FROM:Senders Name SUBJECT:Mental health status of undocumented Hispanic immigrants in Houston, Texas DATE:Day Month Year Problem Statement Research indicates the Latin-American population has a lower lifetime prevalence of mental health disorders than the U.S-born non-Hispanic White population. Despite holding a seeming mental…

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Amazon Inc. Marketing Plan Name Institution Class/Teacher 4/26/2018 I. Business Mission Statement II. Executive Summary III. Current Market Situation a. Market Description b. Product Review c. Competitive Review d. Distribution Review IV. SWOT a. Strengths b. Weaknesses c. Opportunities d. Threats V. Market Strategy a. Positioning b. Product Strategy c. Pricing Strategy d. Distribution Strategy e. Marketing Communication Strategy f. Market Research g. Market Organizing V. Action Programs/Implantation Plan VI. Objectives VII. Target Market VIII.…

Name Instructor Course Date Ethical Salesperson Ethical behavior entails performing acts that are aligned with community's expectations of good morals. Salespersons should have ethical behaviors and attributes. This essay addresses the behaviors and traits displayed by an ethical salesperson, their importance, and how managers reinforce ethical behavior. An ethical salesperson is defined by certain traits and behaviors. One of the traits a salesperson should have is empathy. In the context of sales, Agnihotri and Krush…

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