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Discussion Board: CEO’s Compensation. The wall street journal entitled “Czar Blocks BofA Chief’s Pay” reveals the disquiet that been going on over the huge compensation perks offered to company chief executive officers (CEOs). As evident in the article, the government through the treasury department’s pay Czar moved to contain this problem by appointing Mr. Feinberg to investigate the compensation packages of CEOs and senior managers of seven public companies. Mr. Lewis, a former CEO of the Bank of America seems to have been one of the main casualties of the government’s move as he was forced to return $1 million in compensation and other bonus that had been awarded to him in 2009. Whereas the issue of CEO compensation remains controversial, I agree with Brigham that CEO’s compensation should be adequate to lure competent managers, but should not be overly excessive (13). Compensation needs to be structured backed by consistent policies so that CEOs are rewarded according...

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