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[First Name] [Last Name] [Professor] [Class] 11 April 2018 Themes in Ryan Holiday's Trust Me, I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator According to 25-year old author Ryan Holiday, entry into the mainstream news media industry requires that aspiring reporters be willing to lie, bribe, and cheat their way to victory (Holiday 1). The literature is divided into two sections; the first includes the methodologies necessary to achieve such a goal and the second details a multitude of reasons which are all designed to discourage participation in the industry (Holiday 147). Utilizing real-world examples from his work and his observations of peers, Holiday explains the steps necessary to manipulate the mass media into discussing any topic of one's desire to boost profits and crush competitors. The primary motif consistent throughout the literature is dishonesty. In his experience, Holiday constantly fed blogs with fake scoops using fake personas and subsequently provided falsified...

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