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Cultural Interview in Peru with AkavioIntroduction Akavio is 58 years old husband, father and a grandfather to 4-year-old Kody. He comes from the Inca community occupying a large part of Peru. He speaks the Quechua language. I met Akavio in Cusco city while I was on a visit to the country. Akavio comes from the fertile soils near the Andean mountain which favors his farming activities. He is a firm believer in the myths and religious practices that are practiced by the Incas. Additionally, Akavio still believes in traditional methods of curing diseases evident from his extensive knowledge on the use of herbal medicine. Inca architecture is seen in the unique construction of temples and use of specific stone structures (Prechtl & Lund, 2007). Questions and answers from the interview 1. What is your understanding of “culture”? Akavio: Culture is a way of life of a group of people sharing a universal religion, language, social behaviors, art, and understanding. 2. What wo...

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