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The poem ‘America’ is one of the widely read literary works of Allen Ginsberg. For one to interpret and understand the meaning of this poem, the knowledge of Allen Ginsberg’s personal life along with facts of America amid the Cold War is paramount. In the poem, the poet gives his opinion on the country, America, based on his personal connections and experiences. The time setting of the poem (1956) also plays an important role in shaping its themes and purpose. Since Allen Ginsberg wrote this poem in 1956, it is profoundly shaped by happenings of the Cold War as well as the relationships between traditional America and other entities that supported communism and socialism. As a tirade against the United States, the poet is certain to take a political subject. He accompanies this theme with the feeling of dissatisfaction and injustice toward America; this can be seen the poet’s consistent criticism of America and in his comments supporting socialists in the poem. Also, the poet u...

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