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Critical Analysis: Blacks in Milwaukee Student’s Name: University Affiliation: Date: Critical Analysis: Blacks in Milwaukee Q.1 The article is centered on the fight for civil rights and black suffrage. The author points out how black suffrage was abhorred in Milwaukee even after the referendum in 1848. The battle for black suffrage, which among other things involved was the defeat of a referendum that sought to extend suffrage to all ‘colored’ male residents other than it being limited to only the white and emancipated Indian male residents (The Negro in Wisconsin, 1967). This lasted until 1866 when the most significant number of Negros voted in the municipal elections (About 25 to 30 Negros voted). Ezekiel Gillespie had sued for the right to vote and worn the case upholding black suffrage of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Even then, the constitution was only amended in 1882 when the “white citizen” provision was removed. Owen Howell’s case that also won before an all...

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