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Creative Blog Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Creative Blog Entry 1 My name is James Bustamante. I have had almost all my life centered in Bergenfield, New Jersey. I have always had a great interest in literature because I believe it is the mirror of the society. From this course, I believe I will be able to understand people, communities, and the relationships around me. The idea of implementing a blog into the study is exciting for me. I have done blogging before for my enjoyment. Having read so much, I wanted to share my ideas and great insights with others. I, however, did not go far with the blogging but it was an indelible experience, and this course, therefore, is vital to me as it gives me a better chance to rekindle that dream. By the end of the course and the blogging exercise, I want to have made a personal improvement with the readers of the blog. I hope to refine my writing skills, build a professional network, and earn some exposure. For my readers, I...

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