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Name Instructor Task Date Confessions of a Liberal Gun Owner Justin Cronin is an American who lectures at Rice University in Houston. Justin Cronin is also an award-winning novelist. He is the author of “Confession of a Liberal Gun Owner” which was published in the New York Times. Justin Cronin also has a family; he is a husband, a father, and a gun owner. Justin Cronin owns many guns but in he confessed that ownership of a gun is not that highly necessary yet he owns different kinds of guns. He also asserts that a gun is more dangerous to the owner than the intruder is, which is rhetorical because the purpose of the gun is for protection and not to harm any family member. The title of the essay is relevant to the message Cronin is passing across. It is truly his confession that he likes owning a gun and other people should be interested in owning one for family protection. Through Cronin’s essay, the following paper analyses about the writer, purpose, the audience, and th...

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