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Casein Hydrolysis Test. The caseinase enzyme is secreted from an exoenzyme cell into the surrounding media, through which it catalyzes the breakdown process of milk proteins, known as the casein. The process entails the breakdown of the casein into small individual amino acids and peptides which are taken up and used as building materials or for energy. The casein hydrolysis reaction makes the milk ager, normally the real milk opacity, to clear around the area of growth as the casein protein converts to transparent soluble products, which include small chains of polypeptides, amino acids, and dipeptides (Arvidson 541). The research was conducted to establish the reactions that come with the growth on skim milk agar. Materials: Skim milk agar Methods The test was done using the unknown bacterium, from which the organism was inoculated on a plate in a straight line. The skim milk agar plate was then incubated at 25oC and the results recorded. Results Upon examination of the milk agar pla...

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