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The poem, ‘Caged Bird Sings,’ describes emotions about freedom and isolation. It reflects two birds; one is free and enjoying all bird's activities such as being able to fly, eat fat worms, see sun rays and feel the wind. The other is caged, cannot move, only see through the bars and sings of freedom. It creates the awareness of freedom and emphasizes the importance of freedom. The external structure of the poem External structure of a poem consists of arrangements of beats, lines, and stanzas. It is the general outlook of the poem. The poem is unstructured; has various lines in the stanzas, e.g., there are various lines in the stanza 1; Line1 4 beats, Line 2 6 beats, Line 3 3 beats, Line 4 4 beats, Line 5 4 beats, Line 6 5 beats and Lines 7 6beats. It has 6 stanzas; stanza one has 7 lines, stanzas two 7 lines, stanzas three has 8 lines, stanzas four has 6 lines, stanzas five has 6 lines, and stanza six has 8 lines. And stanza three is repeated in stanza six. The internal structure...

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