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Student’s Name Course Tutor’s Name Date Bullying is Problem Within Schools and What to Do About it Introduction Bullying is dangerous to one’s physical, emotional, psychological, social, and academic life, every student should be aware of the phenomenon. Thus, it is important to implement bullying control programs that encompass classroom lessons on bullying to make sure that learners comprehend that targeting classmates via negative actions is a form of bullying. School bullying is a global issue that can present negative impacts for the general atmosphere of the school and the students’ rights to learn in a safe condition with no intimidation (Agatston, Kowalski and Limber 59). Bullying can further have negative lifelong effects, both for learners who bully and for the victims. While much of the formal studies on bullying have been conducted in Japan and Great Britain, the concerns linked to bullying have been identified and debated in all formal education setting...

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