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“Breathless (1960)” Breathless, also known as out of breath is a French film that was written by Juan Godard. The same person also directed the movie. The film shows the story of the criminal wonderer, Jean-Paul, and his American journalist girlfriend, Patricia (Ebert par. 2). The movie is historic because was the first full-length movie of the legendary director Godard. Hence the film represented a breakthrough career of Belmondo as an actor. As one the earliest and the movies that were highly influential in cinema, it had techniques and skills of editing and filmmaking that had never been seeing before. The video was also released at the same time that the other movies such as The 400 Blows and Alain Resnais's Mon Amor that were released in the same year. The movies exposed the world to the French filmmaking and new techniques into filmography. The film has different perspectives that can be analyzed. These include technological, social and aesthetics. Technical analysis The movi...

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