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Brain Student Name Institution Affiliation 1. Discuss the pros and cons of psychosurgery with patients who might be violent, antisocial, or capable of criminal acts. Psychosurgery is disabling some brain parts to treat behavioral disorders, disorders in personality or any other mental complications. They have evolved Modern ways where the parts responsible for feelings emotions and thoughts are the most considered. (Sosa, & Krigbaum, 2013). The disabling of brain parts have both advantages and disadvantages to the patients, they include: Pros Psychosurgery may help the change of behavior and brain disorders, those with capable of criminal change tend to change .Second Psychosurgery may reduce though not completely the rate of being violent. With psychosurgery, it will be easy to tell where one with this characters is suffering. Patients can regain control of some of their emotions. Cons After psychosurgery many patients are found to be childish, lethargic and underdeve...

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