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Brain Aneurysm Repair Name of Student. Institution Affiliation. Brain Aneurysm Repair Brain Aneurysm Repair is a surgical procedure meant to correct an aneurysm that is majorly caused by the swelling of some blood vessels that may rapture and lead to bleeding in the areas around the brain or bleeding into the brain leading to a hematoma. A complicated procedure needs qualified doctors to undertake the surgeries. Aneurysm clipping or an aneurysm endovascular repair can achieve it CITATION Jen18 l 1033 (Whitlock, 2018). This essay will discuss role of the Professional Registered Nurse in the perioperative care of a patient throughout the preoperative, perioperative, and postoperative phases of care. It will further discuss the care priorities to be offered by nurses to achieve outcomes related to perioperative nursing evidenced by a particular surgical procedure. The nursing foundation is dated to have begun in 1855 when Britain, Ottoman Empire, and France merged to bring to an ...

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