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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Date of Submission Bottom of the Pyramid Case Question 1 Marketing a product to the BOP segment requires proper planning and strategy that will allow a company to create a product that will appeal to them. A proper guideline needs to be established to ensure that a company follows it for the success of the project. A company must ensure that the product is of high quality and matches the needs of the people with small disposable income. The company needs to consider the price of the product and adjust it to the level where the poor can afford it. It must solve a problem that this kind of people faces. For instance, a phone needs to cost less than $ 5, and it also must be equipped with technologies that allow it to be applicable and relevant in the villages where people do not have a steady supply of electricity. A company must ask itself these questions: Is the product relevant and affordable to the BOP segment? How will the co...

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