Dissertation Problem Statement

Dissertation Problem Statement

Writing the dissertation problem statement is an important task for every researcher. A dissertation committee pays much attention to it. A dissertation problem statement gives an opportunity to evaluate your paper’s importance and value right away. A clearly defined problem statement gives you more chances to get your project accepted. Moreover, having a good understandable statement helps you define a workable hypothesis. This is the first but crucial step in the long-lasting, difficult process of creating the whole dissertation. Many things depend on quality dissertation writing.

Statement of the Problem in Thesis

We suggest a complete guide and provide sample problem statements for thesis or dissertation. But firstly, let’s get acquainted with their key constituents:

  • research objectives. They may include different things from the general to the narrow specifics to define the aims of your study;
  • the context of the investigated issue. Investigating the issue environment gives a dissertation committee a better understanding of the specific area you are going to conduct your investigation in;
  • the issue types. This aspect covers the information gathering, investigation methods you are about to apply, and determining the investigation results;
  • a couple of strategy variants. If you are sure about which actions to perform, why write research at all? Suggest a couple of already existing approaches to the investigation;
  • mentioning the consequences, the researcher doesn’t influence. Any subject can’t be investigated separately from its environment. You may state all the potential independent influences of the researched issue;
  • denote certain doubts about the best strategy to imply in the research. Make some assumptions and suggest some expectations instead of being certain of what results in the research will bring;
  • suggest the research strategy to follow, which will be best-fitting to the investigated issue and bringing the best possible research results. Outline the approximate research direction and try it out in the next dissertation chapters.

Quantitative and Qualitative Dissertation Problem Statements

Writing a qualitative dissertation has many differences from a quantitative one. But on the first stage, while creating a statement, it doesn’t play a crucial role. Conducting quantitative research involves relying more on statistics and other quantifiable data. The things we recommend including in your qualitative problem statement:

  • determining the issue type and setting the justifications for the new study;
  • theoretical references to the recent studies of the particular problem.

No matter what field of study your research is written in, always make a preparatory literature analysis and involve it in the starting point of your text. It provides qualified background data for investigation gaps documentation.

How to Write a Problem Statement for a Dissertation?

Having no idea what to start with? Having identified your issue, writing a dissertation problem statement is the following important step. You need to research a certain scientific background more thoroughly before writing it.

When Should I Write a Dissertation Problem Statement?

In conducting academic research writing a problem statement can assist you in better understanding the context and significance of the topic. It may include a couple of paragraphs and serving as a base for the following stage – writing a research proposal.

Its text may also be shortened to a couple of sentences placed at the very beginning of your introduction text. We find it essential to mention that your problem statement is dependent on the kind of topic you are investigating. Usually, there exist two kinds: theoretical and practical issues.

Here is a brief instruction on how to write it quickly and qualitatively. Here are some important questions to ask while creating your statement:

  • what things am I already aware of?
  • what things do I need to be aware of?
  • why do I need to know these things?
  • what am I going to do to discover them?

However, these questions may be different in researching various theoretical and practical issues. Let us consider in more detail the stages of writing a thesis problem statement by an expert dissertation writer.

Stage 1: Investigate the Issue

For practical: concentrate on the details.

  • what time and in what place do the problem emerge?
  • what things does the problem influence?
  • what actions have been done to solve the problem?

For theoretical: focus on the scientific background

  • what things about the issue have already been investigated by the other scientists?
  • is the issue limited in time or place?
  • how did the other scientists define and investigate this issue before?

Stage 2: Demonstrate the Reasons Why the Investigation Is Important

For practical:

  • What is going to happen if the issue isn’t solved?
  • Who is going to feel the results?

For theoretical:

  • in what way is solving the issue going to boost the topic knowledge?
  • how is it going to bring advantage to further researches?
  • does the issue influence society directly or indirectly?

Step 3: Determine the Purposes and Objectives

The aim of the research is the goal of it. Here are some examples of how to formulate your dissertation aims:

  • the aim of the dissertation is to find out;
  • the project focuses on exploring;
  • we aim to investigate.

Dissertation Problem Statement Examples

In case you are still not sure about how to start writing, we provide a couple of samples. They are universal, and you can see how to clearly develop your objectives and describe an issue you are going to investigate.


“In the United States of America, the majority of big companies tend to use new forms of employment. They have more flexibility and freedom in comparison with the usual form of employment. To explore athe sphere of the freelance market, deep, high-quality research is necessary. If to take into account the freelancers’ experiences, the new systems of modern employment can be formed.”

“Attrition appears to be a great problem in the course of online learning, as the dropout rate is more than twice that of traditional forms of learning. Thorough learning about this interaction between emotional intelligence and online-learning may be helpful in offering an explanation for the high attrition rate of learners in online studying programs.”

Hopefully, the tips and examples from our website will be useful for many students who are preparing to write their dissertation problem statement. They are going to substantially boost the quality of the statement and, therefore, overall dissertation quality. For reading more similar useful articles, check out our blog.

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