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Health Promotion Author’s Name Institution Introduction Various models such as the PRECEDE-PROCEED model and the PEN-3 models are used in assessing health. The PEN-3 model stands out since it uses culture for not only public health planning but also for planning, implementation, and evaluation of health interventions. The PEN-3 model is a culturally competent assessment tool when it comes to understanding how public health is impacted by culture. The PEN-3 model can be used to address HIV in Florida. Overview of PEN-3 model The PEN-3 model was advanced by Airhihenbuwa in the year 1989 and it has three dimensions that place culture at the center of health beliefs, behaviors, and outcomes. The dimensions have three factors with each forming the acronym PEN (Rios-Ellis et al., 2015). Person, Extended family, and Neighborhood are factors of Cultural Identity which is the first dimension. Perceptions, Enablers, and Nurtures make the second domain of Relationship and expectation....

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