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American Juggalo and Trading Women Films The Juggalo subculture consists of the fans of Insane Clown Posse who engage in the hip-hop music. The Juggalo subculture has no restriction on drugs and emphasizes the need to love one another. The subculture is linked to events where the fans are painted on their faces. Additionally, they sing the rap songs since it is part of their lifestyle. People have a misconception that the Juggalos engage in immoral activities. They are linked to abusing drugs and engaging in crimes. Additionally, they have been connected to people who do not have families and thus can afford to have fun. However, the members have opposed the allegations and stated that it is a way of life where people are connected to be one family. Also, they have stated that they have families. Some even went with their wives and children to the even while other left the children because they had traveled from far places. The documentary consists of interviews demonstrating the point...

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