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Personal Response Name Institution Professor Course Date I agree with the writer that hearing a child has been abused sexually or physically can be very traumatizing. It must be much worse for the writer who is a victim of child abuse himself. I hope the writer has sought redress for his past abuses by his father. However, I do not agree with the writer’s opinion about CPS. I find his idea that calling CPS is useless to be inaccurate. CPS may be overloaded with cases but it still handles numerous cases reported to it annually helping reduce child abuse instances (Phasha, 2008). Calling CPS also assists the authorities to get clearer data about child abuse which helps in the formulation of the necessary policies. Talking to someone close as a way of coping with stress emanating from child abuse cases is an effective mechanism especially for a teacher who deals with several such cases (Phasha, 2008). Working out and going for walks and playing golf is a good way to relax afte...

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